Visiting this place is the closest thing that the human being can imagine, which is paradise, this is because the sea water that bathes its shores is crystal clear, where the turquoise color predominates and will captivate you from the first moment.

There are many beaches here that are set up for tourists and as you go through them, each one will surpass the previous one. Let the sea water bathe your feet, allow the wind to caress your face and let yourself be seduced by the sound of the birds.

The infrastructure here is impressively beautiful, walking its streets will be a great option and ideal to take a picture of yourself. Enjoy its gastronomy, influence of flavors and aromas of the Caribbean that are worth it.


If you are looking for a place that combines a pool and spa in Long Bay Beach Club, you will be able to find it and in this way give your body the comfort and rest it needs.

Before reserving a place, it is always convenient to check the opinions of the people who have already visited this site, that is when the quality of the service is really verified.

In Long Bay Beach Club the rating is 5 stars out of 5, this has been gradually growing due to the quality and excellence that they offer to those who visit them every day.

One of the users expressed that very rarely when he stays in a hotel does he perceive the sensation of beauty and peace that he seeks so much in this type of venue.



The view of the rooms is impressive because you will be able to contemplate the beautiful sky and the turquoise water of the beach. The bath tub is phenomenal and the bed comfortable.

Enjoy the loungers while you sunbathe by the pool and have a delicious cocktail. Enjoy a delicious dish with perfectly selected ingredients to offer you the best experience.

This is a luxury hotel and is located near a protected park that allows you to view a marine reserve and 15 kilometers from the airport, so its location is privileged.

4.6 points out of 5 is the users’ rating of the service and excellence they have perceived here. The infrastructure of this place makes it seem like a fairy tale. Glamour, avant-garde and sophistication.

¨The villas are incredible because they have a staff always ready to attend to your needs. The beach is perfect, the food delicious, the facilities pleasant, a highly recommended place¨, was the opinion of a user on digital platforms about their experience.

If you want to describe this place, the right word would be «paradise» because this is what it represents for all those who have spent nights and days here.

The prices of this hotel are not cheap at all, but people say that it is worth what they charge to stay there. Every corner of this site, every element, everything there is synonymous with luxury.

Enjoy dream rooms, swimming pool, restaurant, drinks, recreation areas and more, all at your fingertips.


If you like parties, you will be in the right place, because here typical food and drinks are combined, all according to the event. Party, joy and many people looking to spend an unforgettable moment.

Those who have visited this place assure that you should not miss it because you will have an incredible time. Thursdays is the day for lovers of fried fish.

But don’t worry because there are many food stalls that offer a wide variety of fish, so you can choose between different options. Here there is also live music for those who want to dance and have fun.

Walk along the pier, enjoy the sea while you dance, eat or drink, feel the breeze, gaze at the sky or buy a souvenir item.

If you want to know the history of the island, you need to come to this museum so that from the hand of experts you can understand the beautiful past of courage and struggle of this beautiful land.

Here you can see the geological and natural exhibits, the replica of the lighthouse is great and the video of the man entering the sea is fantastic because you connect with the essence of the island.

Here you will learn about the salt trade, the local shipwrecks and the indigenous peoples, as well as the fauna and flora.

If you like articles or buy gifts here you can do it and bring a present to that special person, walk the streets of this place and fall in love with all the good things it has to offer.

The quality and preference of this site is reflected in the 4.5 points out of 5, turquoise waters, white sand and the best environment that positions it above the rest of the island’s beaches.

People who have visited this beach define it as a place with crystal clear and warm waters to enjoy a well-deserved vacation in the company of that special person.

Here the waves rise little, which translates into confidence and security when enjoying with the little ones in the house. 

Don’t expect to find it crowded with people as it is usually sparsely visited.

The distance to travel to get to this beach is very long, but visitors say it is worth it because it is the best on the island. They warn that you have to walk under the sun for 20 minutes to get there, but that the end will be worth it.


People’s opinions greatly influence the quality of the place, in this case the 4 points out of 5 that users have given denotes the excellence of the site.

Many people define this site as a great option to start what can be a great night. The staff is very friendly and elegant, the cocktails are exquisite, happy hour and prices that fit your pocket.

Not only drinks here you can also enjoy a good meal, while you taste the exquisite dishes you can have a delicious glass of white or rosé wine to complement.

Fried fritters with crabs and lobster is one of the most requested dishes here, users assure that the owners of the place were very welcoming, attentive as well as the staff in charge of serving you.

In addition to eating, you can also dance, enjoy the lights, security, good atmosphere and the beautiful energy of the people.

Food, drinks, hamburgers, beach, good view, music and fun is what you will find here if you dare to come.

4.6 out of 5 points is the place where this distinguished site is positioned, which enjoys the acceptance of tourists and locals for its quality of attention and service when opening its doors to visitors.

Enjoy a show of boats and jet skis if you are there, this combined with a new musical selection. Fun is one of the terms that many have used to define this site.

Eat a hamburger sitting at a table while enjoying the sea view, but if yours is something more elaborate, you can order meat accompanied by a delicious cocktail.

Turk & Caicos is the earthly definition of paradise because here you will have it all without having to go elsewhere for fun and pleasure. Stunning beaches for their beauty, white sand, low tide and phenomenal people.

Enjoy a good plate of food, innovative drinks, environments designed especially for you, so that you have everything you are looking for.