Perhaps the main objective of some travelers is the sea, central to the entire travel plan in the beautiful and warm turquoise waters of the US Virgin Island, but some should know that beyond that there are more places of interest to enjoy.

One of the main reasons why some tourists come here is for the sophisticated restaurants that they can find and that will allow them to taste a wide variety of dishes prepared by important chefs who use ingredients from various sources to create something of a high level.

If we talk about the architecture of the place, it is important to mention that here there are colorful Danish buildings of the time and that make the island shine with a special touch and different from what perhaps some are used to seeing on other trips.

This is the perfect paradise for divers because there are underwater gardens ideal for them to swim and feel in love with the beauties that they can find left by these incredible waters.

Ideal environment to share with the family, swimming pool, bar, restaurant and more in a pleasant environment that will allow you to feel at home. First class attention, maintenance service and guaranteed security.

4.6 stars out of 5 is the rating of this place, in addition its location is 3 points, even so it has a perfect location and quick access to public transportation, shopping centers, stores, restaurants and more.

When you stay you will have guaranteed access to the beach, you can also enjoy the pool and surf the Internet thanks to the free Wi-Fi service that will be provided. If the weather is too hot for you, don’t worry because there are air-conditioned areas to cool you down.

If you want to surprise a friend with some kind of celebration in this place they will help you organize everything, many honeymoons have taken place here and have been possible thanks to the efforts of the staff.

The lunch they serve here is extraordinary according to tourists, they emphasize that it tastes better because they have incredible, wonderful views and this is one of the reasons why hundreds of people come here every year.

The prices are very high here but users assure that it is worth it for the quality of the service and the haute cuisine, in addition to the drinks that you can enjoy and the luxury rooms with extraordinary beds.

A place to relax, this is how this place is defined by thousands of tourists who visit it annually and position it among their first options to stay, this is because the rooms are beautiful and very luxurious, with privileged views.

This place has everything to spend unforgettable moments, you can enjoy a view hundreds of kilometers away, the hotel restaurant is beautiful and has the best service, as well as dishes that fuse top-level ingredients.

The rooms have great beds, the cleaning service is constant, the bathroom has hot water, large mirrors, the windows are huge and allow you to enjoy a dream view.

Something particular about this place is that it is highly requested by couples to carry out their honeymoon, they assure that the comforts they provide and the advice to offer the best moment will be unforgettable.

Visitors really enjoy dancing here, they spend pleasant nights among lights, drinks and the reflection of the moon.


Enjoy marine species, go down to the sea and get to know them up close, learn about their environment and how they interact with each other, this is possible here. Discover a world full of magic under the depths of the sea.

The first thing that people who have visited this place highlight in their comments is the good treatment these animals receive, how much they protect them and the happiness they transmit to those who take this tour.

Dive and let yourself be trapped by the magic and charm of these creatures that without thinking will follow you wherever you go, swim with you and give you all the love they have in their hearts.

On the surface there are also species to enjoy and appreciate from afar, among these are the iguanas that are always on the branches of trees or bushes.

Users say that the experience is rewarding, but suggest that they can improve. They point out that the sea lions are very friendly and allow them to approach.

A four-hour private tour to learn first-hand the history of St. John. An instructor will go with you at all times and will explain points of interest about this site.

The induction that you will receive from the guides will be completely in English, they will give you information brochures and they will always be willing to answer all your questions.

You can enter with your cell phone, take pictures and record the best moments. According to the criteria of some visitors and based on their experience, they have awarded 5 stars to this place.

Travel aboard a red bus decorated with beautiful flowers that will make it look very tropical, interact with people and open your arms to a wonderful cultural exchange.

Enjoy the paradisiacal views, contemplate the sea, the houses and beautiful architectural works, in addition to this visualize the bay full of luxury yachts that await there.

Enjoy this adventure with guides who will provide you with information, so you must be prepared to listen to everything in English, in addition to this the capacity is 70 people for the tour.

Five hours is the duration of this tour that will allow you to practice snorkeling in every sense of the word. Get ready because you can be one of the chosen ones to raise the sail and get that engine running through the crystal clear waters.

Go down to the depths equipped with equipment that will allow you to swim among fish, turtles and more, enjoy their company, the María flora and feel that you are part of them.

You can take a bath during this walk, enjoy the sand, the sun and the wind, have a drink or two while you contemplate the immense sea and everything around it.


If your thing is to eat here, they will serve you a banquet, you will have the option of trying countless dishes with mixtures of species, flavors, aromas and ingredients specially selected to offer you the best experience.

Come to this place and enjoy the best food and exquisite well-prepared mojitos in an enviable atmosphere, which will make you feel fully satisfied with being there.

The decoration and setting of the place is very beautiful, everything looks really fresh and with elements that will make you feel part of this place. There is a terrace that will allow you to enjoy an enviable landscape where you will contemplate the sea and everything that surrounds it.

Having a mojito or any drink in this place will be rewarding because the way they prepare it is incredible, the elements they use to blend flavors, and the service is very good.

You can find a wide variety of food here, but one of the most requested by customers is hamburgers, they are prepared with a special meat according to users and the vegetables are fresh.

The musical atmosphere is very good, everything very up-to-date and consistent so that you feel relaxed and in a pleasant environment, as if you were at the home of a loved one.

The colorful lights will announce that you have arrived at the right place, the bar illuminated with neon lights will make you feel that you are living a special moment and you will want to dance all night long.

Entering is feeling that you have arrived at the place you were hoping to find, here you have everything to spend the best night of your trip, according to testimonials from some visitors.

You will be received by the staff of the place who will lead you and you must choose if you want to enjoy from the bar or from the comfortable seats that they have prepared for you.

Once you have a drink in hand, you will loosen up little by little and you will reach the dance floor, which is usually full of people who want to enjoy and be entertained to the rhythm of the best music.

The people in charge of security will be aware of you, that you are calm and that nothing bothers you, there is maintenance service and parking so that you can leave the vehicle there without problems.

Learning, this is another of the words that some travelers use to describe their days here, this is because they have the opportunity to learn new things about the flora, fauna and fascinating places of entertainment.

The sea is impressively beautiful, the species that inhabit it are unique when they come into contact with man, discovering new places is impressive and enjoying its gastronomy is a pleasant experience.