What a heavenly place. For me it was almost impossible to stop admiring such beauty because it was as if I were in paradise, white sand, crystal clear water that with its turquoise color bathed the entire coast and left its wake, in Varadero. Now if you think that you are only going to find beach, sun and sand here, let me tell you that there is much more than this and I am telling you that I lived it in the first row -as they would say out there-.

In Varadero you will find here an extensive row of hotels, so you should not worry about which one to stay in because that is solved and the most important thing is that you will stay there close to the coast to feel the sea roar with all its force. If what you are looking for is a moment of relaxation that goes beyond a hotel bed, let me tell you that in Varadero beach you can also find a wide range of spa complexes to release energy and recharge yourself with the best vibe.

Can you imagine visiting this tropical paradise and not getting into that water, that would be impossible. I was wearing shorts, a cool shirt and I simply forgot everything and gave myself up to the sea. The water was very warm, it felt nice and the warm sun helped me. In Varadero beach I met a seafood vendor, his name is Claudemir, from whom I bought a good amount of seafood that was delicious by the way. He told me about his life, the reason he directed him to sell shellfish and he explained to me that he did it to support his family. That it was not much that he generated but he was happy to support his parents.

I must confess that the best part of my trip was this because I will never be able to overcome the look of struggle and courage that Cludemir had. He felt his brave spirit, courage and gallantry for each day to go beyond where he could, for him and his family

After arriving at the area of ​​Playa Varadero, directly from the airport I went directly to the Beach club Sol Varadero, on the 25-kilometer road I was admiring the streets, people and atmosphere that is lived in Varaderos, Cuba. After the tour I will begin by defining the extraordinary attention that the staff of this Beach Club provides to its clients and guests. The selection of this place was incredible because I simply did not have to move from one place to enjoy it, there I had everything, right in the heart of Varaderos.

  One day and one night was what I spent in this room. I will define the stay as a pleasant experience because in everything I did I found comfort and fulfillment at Sol Varadero Beach Club.

  I arrived, the staff took my bags and took them to my room. While the suitcases were on their way to the room, I took on the task of going all over the place to get to know little by little the wonders that were found here.

  This pleasant place in Varaderos has a swimming pool, the water is always at room temperature and it has beautiful loungers for sunbathing or contemplating the sky while the sound of the sea captivates you.

If you come with your pet, the policies of the place will not allow you to have it here. What you can enjoy is access to Wi-Fi, air conditioning, entertainment areas, parking and free breakfast. It is incredible to walk, see the pool with clean, crystal clear water and the rooms reflected there thanks to the sun’s rays. It is a beautiful combination of blue colors between infrastructure, pool, color of the sun loungers and the sky.

I went to my room and it was just as I requested, with a view of the sea. I would like to point out that there are rooms with views of the swimming pools, non-smoking rooms and suites.

There is something for all tastes, the important thing is that you feel good in the indicated space.

Although it was only one night that I slept here I felt good, the comfort of the bed is excellent, the hot water in the shower was nice and sleeping with the ceiling fan because it was a little cold.

The next morning I took advantage of my free breakfast, it was delicious and the attention of the chef was wonderful. I met him, extended my hand and congratulated him for such excellent service and delicious cuisine that he prepares. On the way to the hotel I passed by the gym, there were few people training but they had sculptural bodies. This option enters the services offered by the hotel.

After breakfast I took the opportunity to go on a boat ride, this service is also offered by the hotel. We toured the sea, we enjoyed seeing the Beach Club from afar and it looked amazing. Some fish were seen while we sailed, we drank Cuban mojitos and enjoyed the sun.

Back at the hotel there was a family group enjoying the recreational activities organized by the hotel, the children enjoyed ball games, races and good music to make them move.

For coffee lovers in the room there is a coffee maker included so you can prepare it to your liking and whenever you want. Although the weather was short, I really enjoyed my stay here, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

After spending a few hours relaxing at Sol Varadero Beach Club, I went to another hotel and had in mind to find something close to where I was leaving. Without asking, I went out with my suitcase and let fate guide me to the right place, within the same area of ​​Playa Varaderos.

When I was on the road 2.1 kilometers from the Beach Club, I asked the taxi driver to stop, he really hadn’t traveled much.

I had arrived at B&B Norma and I was surprised by the place because it had a home atmosphere, that would allow me to get closer to the Cuban culture, camouflaged among all the wonder of Varaderos.

It looked like a huge house, everything was very comfortable and it looked pretty.

Orlando and Kaly welcomed me with all the love in the world. Beyond being a hotel, this is very similar to an inn.

I asked if there was a room available and Kaly agreed. Done, I was in the right place, they both struck up a conversation with me and started asking if I had visited places to which I replied no.

They made me some recommendations since I was in the center of Varadero, I had access to many places that were just a few meters away and I could walk there at any time. The rooms are located at the back of the place, they are close to a huge and beautiful garden, this gave me the feeling of being in grandma’s house and brought back beautiful memories.


The food they prepare here is delicious, it has a taste of home, family and togetherness. After trying lunch, I asked to use the bicycle service and went out for a ride along the boulevard, seeing the sea up close, observing people and breathing fresh air. The B&B Norma rents completely independent rooms in a quiet area of ​​Varadero, a few steps from Josone Park and the beautiful beach. This attractive property is full of tranquility, cleanliness and good service. an excellent option for a pleasant vacation in Playa Varaderos.

While I was staying at the B&B Norma, I commented with the kind hosts about my desire to get to know the entire Varaderos beach area in depth. Kaly recommended me to do this tour, she assured me that it is one of the most popular experiences and is in high demand by tourists.

We arrived at Playa Jardines de la Reina and on the shore there were many iguanas and capybaras, they were huge but they have become part of the attractions. The instructors put life jackets on us, gave us a little induction and we proceeded to navigate. It feels exciting because this beach is very beautiful, picturesque and has an amazing atmosphere.

After sailing for a few minutes they dropped the anchor and we were in the middle of some beautiful mangroves, the marine life here is amazing. The colors are vibrant and make your heart pound with happiness. While I was drinking my Cuban mojito, the guide explained the importance of these mangroves, the marine species that make life here and the contributions of this area to Varaderos, Cuba, beyond attracting tourism.

After an excellent night at the inn because I really slept very well, I got ready, ate my breakfast and also on the recommendation of Orlando and Kaly I went to live a good adventure in Bay of Pigs. The sunny day announced that it was perfect for diving in these crystal clear waters, really when I submerged I could see the sun’s rays illuminate the depths of that beautiful and immense sea. I enjoyed the corals but they are not as colorful as I expected, but I still loved this experience with my instructors, they were very attentive to me and took care of me at all times. After diving they took us to La Finquita Restaurant, there we ate a delicious fresh fish just taken from the sea. We accompanied it with a salad and could not miss the Cuban mojito that captivated me. The attention in this restaurant was first class, good service and kindness, they make you feel at home.

After days of sun and beach, I decided to get to know a little beyond the sea in the area of Varaderos and the contributions of some citizens to the country, whether through the sale of clothes, taxis, shoes or food, and searching the Internet, I found this workshop of Artistic Ceramics.

Wonderful works by artisans that left me speechless, ceramics perfectly intervened by prodigious hands that extolled the best of art. Some of these pieces, the most outstanding, were explained by the guides. They told us about its origin, connotation and importance for the Cuban people. There were pieces that reflected the beauty of Cuba, the seas, squares and monuments. Others showed faces of the Cuban people, faces of happiness and pride in their roots.

A peculiarity of the place is that its pieces are so beautiful that the prices exceed what is reasonable. The cost of a piece is very high, so some do not pay for it and there are those who do have money to pay whatever price it is. The truth is that it is worth having these works at home. This tour lasts two hours, they give you brochures, you have an instructor and photos during the tour.

How good it is to visit a place where they play all kinds of music, so there will be options for all tastes. This is one of the advantages that this site offers its clients so that they can spend an incredible night at Varaderos beach.

Now I will tell you why I chose this place and it is that while I was at the art exhibition I met Roberto, we talked a little about Cuba, he thanked me for having visited his country and recommended this place to me because of the good dance music. I arrived and started drinking Cuban mojito, that which I love so much and drives me crazy for its exquisite flavor. I talked with Raúl, one of the guys from the bar, and he told me wonderful things about Cuba, about that roots they feel for their land.

Then a song by Oscar D’ León, a Venezuelan salsero, began to play and I began to dance alone. It was really amazing to move your feet to the rhythm of this singer. A lady came up to me and we started dancing. The security, the air conditioning and the attention here is extraordinary.

Unbeatable is how I define my experience in Varaderos, Cuba. The most paradisiacal place on the island, here I lived unforgettable moments, full of adventures with incredible people who made me feel at home. The beaches are beautiful, the mangroves transport you to another place and the coral reefs will make your experience the best adventure. Cuban gastronomy is delicious but I must highlight the Cuban mojito. The hotel complexes are spectacular but I prefer the inns because they give you that warmth of home, family and unity. Dare to live the adventure, get to know Cuba and fall in love with Varadero