I fall in love with this country every time I visit it, it is the warmth of its people that catches me, their charm, their hospitality and all the good things they have to offer you without measure until you feel part of them. Visiting Turkey is rediscovering one of the best gastronomies in the world, so enjoying its fish, olives, nuts and coffee will make you live the greatest experience in one of the best corners of Asia. 

  Another of the things that will captivate you about Turkey will be its imposing landscapes and great works that are located throughout the country, temples, bridges, beaches and green areas for enjoyment.

  The sky of this majestic country is a dream because you will be able to appreciate from a great distance the hundreds of hot air balloons that with people on board offer you the best view of the city. Culture, art and dance merge to offer you great shows, Turkey tells its tourists that they also promote dance and that they can position themselves as one of the best in the world. 

  When I got here I found it interesting to learn that Istanbul is the only city in the world that is located between two continents, Europe and Asia. Most people think of it as an Asian city, but actually the historic center is in the European part of the city. The Bosphorus River divides the two continents and joins the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara.

  That is the idea with each of my trips to learn a little more about its culture, history and places of interest, and also enjoy its tourist centers where you can have the best time and that is how it was with We Are Ona.

  This beach club is a charming place, it is located very close to the sea and it is the ideal place to stay initially, only when I arrived I was able to experience a lot of peace and calm in its warm atmosphere and the best attention of its friendly staff.

  Everything was like a dream, it seemed that I was living the scene of a movie or soap opera, the atmosphere was the best, I could feel the energy of the sun, the fresh sea breeze, the landscape, the song of the birds.

  Eating on the shore of the beach was the best thing about this trip, that’s right, the table is located on the entire shore of the beach and you will feel the sea touching your feet, how fascinating to feel this.  The dish I ordered was an Iskender Kebab, one of the most delicious and popular meat dishes in the area.

  One of the attractions of this place is that at night it transforms into an eccentric nightspot to offer the best to its visitors and I loved that chameleon effect because I could drink tequila all night, I felt too good. 

  The lighting of the place was combined with the immense sea, the starry night and the moon, taking photos here was one of the best decisions because they were too beautiful.

  It was a wonderful evening and the final touch was put by the DJ who was in the place, the musical setting was quite successful and allowed those present to move our hips and feet for a good moment.

  While at the beach club, which I must confess I liked it a lot, I thought about meeting new places and so I started a search for the best hotels in the area and booked at the Papillonada Hotel.

  This simple, comfortable and elegant hotel is located very close to the beach and the central area of ​​the city, upon arrival I noticed that it is in the middle of a very lively street surrounded by beautiful trees, from the highest floors you can admire its beautiful Mediterranean views.

  One of the things that I liked the most about this hotel was its impressive room with a spacious and comfortable bed and a balcony where I could enjoy the landscape at dawn, I love this, drink coffee at dawn sitting on the terrace while the gentle breeze and the rays of the sun do their thing.

  Another great thing is the gallery that I had to make fabulous purchases, a great variety of accessories and details to take away, I bought some things that I loved and others to decorate my house. The restaurant is on the outskirts of the hotel, in the open air, which seems to me to be an ideal option to eat and enjoy the panorama and the people who pass by.

  I enjoyed the best of Turkish food, although they also offer world food here, I must emphasize that the best of it. Although I was here I took advantage and ordered a Turkish hamburger, really the one that time was too good.

  During my time in this beautiful city Aydin I had the opportunity to meet Khany, a resident girl from this town who crossed my path while I was walking through one of the streets of this place looking for how to get to the place where I was going, she was disoriented and This girl showed me her hospitality and human warmth of the Turks and took me directly to where I was going, which was to start my balloon trip.

  Traveling in a hot air balloon through the sky of Turkey was a wonderful experience, feeling that you touch the sky with your hands, feeling the clouds so close to you, the heat of the sun and the wind covering you without fear.

  First, they gave me a short class on safety measures, everything that can and cannot be done inside the balloon once in the heights, and most importantly, an instructor was always with me.

  It is exciting to feel the adrenaline running through your entire body while the balloon rises, it is more impressive to see other balloons full of life and color flying through the sky.

  Upon reaching the maximum height I decided to shout, open my arms, feel free, thank God for everything that has allowed me to experience each trip and for the immense peace I feel in my heart. 

  The immense green hills can be seen in the distance, rock formations that will captivate you from the first moment, all of this is wonderful to experience, that is why I invite you to visit this impressive country.

  If you’ve read my previous stories, you’ve probably noticed that I’m an inveterate lover of art, so on every trip I always try to visit a museum or place that exhibits art at its best.

  The Aydin museum was the ideal place  to make my dream come true, entering here and detailing a perfectly preserved structure that houses great works of art inside was wonderful.

  I wanted them all in my house, what is exhibited here is beautiful and worth carrying with you for a lifetime.

  During the excursion we were accompanied by a guide, that person was in charge of explaining everything to us, in detail he described each work, its meaning, author and importance for the world of art.

  I took some photos to preserve the memory, they are too beautiful. The level of security here is very good, they not only protect the works, but also you, so you will feel safe at all times.x

  Didim is home to an impressive marina, sailing trips and luxuries. You can find everything you are looking for in this lavish place that will give you the happiness you long to find.   The first thing I did was take a sailboat ride, I love the sea and after walking a good distance I jumped in and swam for a while, I couldn’t miss this opportunity to feel the sea.

  The luxury here is on another level, so throughout the stay I drank non-stop wine, quality wine with an exquisite flavor. 

Even while I was here I went to explore the aqua park, here they have large slides to merge adrenaline and joy in a single moment.  After launching myself on several of the slides, I immersed myself in the pool for a while, swam, sunbathed and continued enjoying my exquisite wine.

  Days after having met Khany, we kept in touch, and we agreed to go out one of those nights before the end of my trip, and so we did, we started and a tour of the most chic places in the area.

  This place is small but very cozy, it is warm, it has good energy and it makes you feel at the perfect moment when you are here enjoying the good atmosphere it provides. I really liked the ceiling, it was very ingenious to place flags from different countries there, it is a nice message of unity to touch the hearts of visitors.

  The music that sounds here is too good and for a demanding public since they honor Bob Marley, only lovers of good music will know what this star represents. I felt well attended, the waiters were attentive to my table, they brought me each drink on time, they offered me the best of the place to make me feel fully comfortable with them. Despite having a few drinks here, I also took advantage of the moment to have a good cup of coffee, something that you cannot stop doing if you visit this place.

  My friend Khany invited me to this beautiful place to have a coffee while we chatted to get to know each other a little better. It is a small place, quite cozy and with a good live music atmosphere. I felt totally fine while chatting with Khany. After a coffee it was time to have some beers.

  She told me that she has never been married, that she is a little terrified by the idea of ​​marriage for her money, she thinks that there are many opportunistic women who can even give her a child for money. She feels good being alone and now she wants to find a purpose, inspired by my travel adventures, see the world learn new things.

  I must emphasize that I felt well cared for, everything they prepare here is done with love, on time and in the best possible way. Everything is ideal to spend an extraordinary moment.

  I loved the open concept of this place, the place is too beautiful and the good option it offers you to spend a fully pleasant moment. 

  Here I was able to try an exquisite hamburger, they were delicious and as I always say, not every day you eat a good hamburger in Turkey.

  I loved that the place has shelves with wine bottles in its corridors, ready for consumption, that is, right there you can make your choice and take the one you like. 

  The attention is first class, they make you feel good and not precisely for what you are paying, they do it because they teach them with value and human quality.

  Visiting Aydin in Turkey was a wonderful experience, at all times I felt at home, I felt happy and wanted to take on the world. It is an extraordinary country. Touch the sky, it is above the mountains, see the city from above, taste the coffee, the tea, feel the human warmth of the people. Dance, laugh, be a source of inspiration.

  All these things made me fall in love with this country, I loved visiting the Aydin museum and seeing so many majestic works up close. And what are you waiting for to visit this place?