I recently embarked on my journey to an unusual place among travel destinations, my new destination is located on the southwestern coast of Turkey called Bodrum. It is a port city famous for having one of the most spectacular beaches in the Aegean Sea, in addition, a large part of this city has monuments that make me feel in medieval times, it is very historical.

  During the trip I met Kadir, he was sitting next to me during the flight, a young Turkish man who lives in the US, he told me that he came for a couple of days to visit his parents and he kindly offered to show me some places in Bodrum . When we arrived we took a little walk around the city and the truth is that I was very shocked, it really is beautiful! -I thought-.

After this long trip and so much talk we were hungry and Kadir recommended me to visit the Almera Restaurant, here we enjoyed a delicious dish of Kuzu tandir, which is basically roasted lamb, it was very delicious. After we finished we thanked the waiters for their attention, which was quite good; I told Kadir that it was the first time I had tasted a Turkish dish and apparently it is one of the most common foods in Turkish gastronomy.

From there Kadir left me at my destination and promised to share some time during my stay in Bodrum, I hope to see him again, he is a wonderful person.

Kadir had already made me different recommendations of unmissable places in Bodrum, among them one of the most recommended was the Xuma Village Yalikavak, I had told him that I wanted a good place to have a good time and relax with the best atmosphere.

So I didn’t think about it anymore and I decided on the Xuma Village as my first stop. As soon as I arrived I was impressed by its architectural design in the best modern style, its light colors and its minimalist furniture fit perfectly into the whole environment. 

Surrounded by a large, warm and simple-looking garden, it denotes a serene atmosphere and reflects peace.

On my first day walking through the facilities of Xuma Village Yalikavak some very nice girls approached me and introduced me to make friends, just what I needed, Seyma, Ayse and Simal, all Bodrum natives who come from time to time to spend a nice weekend. They tell me that the night parties they have here are incredible, I can’t wait for the time.

Meanwhile, they invited me for a walk along the pier and then we cooled off for a while on the beach, I must say that it is a spectacle in the Aegean Sea. From there we approached a bar that was near the sea, which did not stop admiring its motto, All in the Name of Love, which in Spanish means, Everything in the Name of Love, I loved it!

By late afternoon they were ready to have a good time at the night party, and wow, yes, there were people who weren’t there earlier, they came especially for the occasion. I must say that I had a great time, I danced and enjoyed a lot, plus the company of the girls was incredible.

Before going to sleep, I stayed for a long time with my sandals in hand admiring the night view of the sea, totally beautiful and magical.

With my new friends one day we were able to witness a wedding, they often celebrate all kinds of events, because even I did it, it is a very beautiful place and of total relaxation, the ceremony was enchanting, we were all moved and these events fit perfectly in green spaces thanks to the wide coverage of vegetation and natural spaces.

  I chose this Hotel to spend the rest of my days thanks to the recommendation of Seyma, Ayse and Simal, they all agreed that it was a spectacular place with excellent service and stay. And the truth is that it is, despite being a bit far from the Beach Club.

  When I arrived I was given three room options and I was given the freedom to choose a deluxe king room with French balcony and sea view, «What a good choice» said Samir, the receptionist who was kindly assisting me. Immediately upon arrival at the room and taking a bath with warm water, I rested for a couple of hours and then visited each part of the hotel complex.

  The first place I visited was its huge and spectacular pool facing the sea, located on the fourth floor of the hotel. When I dove I felt like I was swimming with nothing to protect the edges, like I was flying in the air. It was wonderful. When I left, I stopped by one of the hotel’s restaurants, Beach House, right in front of the lodge where I had a delicious dinner of fresh seafood accompanied by a natural passion fruit juice. Simply delicious.

  Next to the Aegean Sea I found a space called Chiringuito, where I shared a pleasant time with a tourist who is also staying at the hotel called Abby, and they offered us some delicious sandwiches and drinks while we admired the sound of the waves, there I stayed for a couple of hours until the drinks made my lips sleep, it was time to rest a little, I thought.

  On another of my days I took advantage of them to get to know the Spa and gym area that were located in the same place, Salma’s majestic hands took me to another level of relaxation, so much so that I fell asleep while massaging my body and my spirit. I must say that the service that was offered to me in this hotel was simply magnificent, I cannot stop admiring the wonderful staff that they have.

  One of the unforgettable moments I had in the Bodrum peninsula was when I toured the city and especially the Bodrum Bazaar in the company of Kadir and his family. As we advanced on our tour, his mother told me fascinating things about her culture and religion, Islam, despite not sharing the same beliefs, at all times I showed them respect and admiration towards them.

  Every time I entered this walk, I was more impressed by its rocky and medieval architecture, I felt as if I were part of another era. Some of its monuments and facades were very similar to those of Greece, I immediately assumed that it is due to its proximity to the Greek islands. Most of the visitors who come to this place are poets and artists for its variety of stories A.C. I deeply thanked the Kaya family for accompanying me on this adventure that made my trip a magical and unforgettable moment that I will always remember fondly.

All the experiences I had in Bodrum can be described as unforgettable, because on every trip I make I try to always do so, however, when it comes to naming the most important ones.

  My first stop was a visit to the Aquarium Bay, its name is due to the large number of fish that can be seen with the naked eye, without a doubt it is a paradisiacal place where the blue and green tones filled my sight with such spectacular landscape that it offered me.

  To get to this area we cross the wide Aegean Sea in a large boat, it is simply a tropical paradise that nature offers us.

  The entertainment was not only found in the Aegean Sea, Bodrum also has ancient places that surprise you just by seeing it, it is the Castle of San Pedro de Halicarnassus or simply Bodrum Castle, a place that is to be admired, ideal for lovers of old like me. I was accompanied on this walk by Kadir and his cousin Ali, they are experts in the history of the castle’s archeology museum. It was fantastic to visit the place, I hope to see another similar place where I can venture into Turkish history.

On one of my fun nights the first place I visited with the girls I met at the Beach Club (Seyma, Ayse and Simal) was Sapphire Gece Klubu, a very famous nice nightclub in the Bodrum area. The experience was fantastic, I enjoyed every hour we were on the site and more in the company of my new friends, they brought some friends I met that night, they were all very funny and friendly.

Despite being a quieter place, it is certainly one of my kind, just hearing the word Karaoke was enough for me, it can be said that it was one of the quietest night spots I visited in the Bodrum peninsula. I went to this club in the company of Kadir. I sang some songs in English just because they were mostly Turkish. My stay in this place was very special.

Our next night we enjoyed at the Mood Bodrum club, this place was similar to the previous one, just as fun, but with a more sophisticated touch. Upon arrival we ask for a special tequila service to enjoy the night. This time the group was joined by a friend of Ayse’s named Kenra. We enjoyed the night to the rhythm of the different DJs that showed up to the place, we had an incredible time and we said goodbye to the place at 4:00 am, enough for that night.

I am grateful for all the wonderful people I met in the Bodrum peninsula, the truth is that I am leaving with a unique and incomparable memory of this city full of exotic paradises and its ancient culture, the perfect combination to spend pleasant moments. I hope to return another time to appreciate again the beautiful waters of the Aegean Sea.