The main attraction of Zakynthos in Greece is that tourists will have the opportunity to appreciate the endangered cart sea turtles up close, according to alarming reports 1 in every thousand hatchlings reaches adulthood.

Another reason that threatens the survival of this species is that the lights of the bar located on the nearby beach make them lose their orientation. Some are caught by predators or simply end up drowned in plastic bags.

In Daphne a museum is located, in that place you will be able to know everything about these species and what to do to help preserve them.

As «the Flower of the East» Zakynthos was baptized for its exuberant nature. Chicories, daisies and poppies adorn the meadows here. Thanks to these flowers, a great variety of colors and aromas are created throughout the year.

The beaches and their sandy shores are internationally listed as one of the best in the world. Playa Naufragio has a rust that rises above the sand and creates a wonderful color contrast. Here the limestone cliffs and the turquoise waters of this sea are combined.

Habana Beach Club is located in Playa Lagana and according to hundreds of opinions in specialized tourism forums, people describe it as a place that has many elements that make it attractive and stands out above other places that are in the same category. .

The main characteristic is that it is located on the beach, another of the elements is that it has affordable prices, excellent attention from the staff that works there and more, almost 99% of its visitors point out that they would like to visit this place again.

Out of 5 points Habana Beach Club has a record of 4.6, which makes it one of the best places on the island. It is important to note that this score derives from the opinion of tourists who have visited this site and lived the experience.

Guests describe that it is a quiet place, claiming that although it is in the center it will not cause you to move from there. The organization of this site stands out among the opinions and the well-planned design of spaces with the well-being of its visitors in mind has been praised.

The gastronomy offered by Habana Beach Club has been praised by its clients, highlighting the quality, abundance and excellent prices. In addition to this, the professionalism and efficiency of the staff that works there has been recognized and applauded by clients.

The lighting inside the place, in addition to the rooms, has also been defined as «excellent». You will only have to make a minimum consumption to be able to enjoy the umbrellas and gazebos.

In addition to the abundance of food, you can also consume all kinds of drinks. If yours are the game areas, here you can distract yourself playing ping pong, caroms and rackets. Other opinions point to the beauty of the place and good food but point out that the attention is not the best because they take time to serve you.

The musical atmosphere is very good here, it has a Latin touch with a Cuban flavor, which makes more than one visitor dance and move those hips. Excellent place to enjoy with the family.


Zakynthos Hotel is located a little away from the city, which creates a quiet environment without noise. The gastronomy here is classified as good combined with good service.

The rooms are not very spacious but they please the guests. The taste of Greek food will catch you in addition to the wide variety of foods on the menu.

Zakynthos is located 30 minutes from the beach and city, its guests describe the experience in the rooms as something wonderful, in addition to this they highlight that they are very comfortable and cool to sleep on.

The local bar is very good, those who visit it praise the beer that is served here. In addition to this, they indicate that the soft drinks are of good quality and excellent prices, as well as the food they offer here.

The bedrooms are a bit small for some people but the cleaning service is daily.

The criticism received here goes directly to the location of the hotel, for many being 30 minutes from the beach and far from other buildings is not pleasant at all.

The staff is very courteous, guests indicate that since they arrive at the reception the attention is extraordinary and they strive to be as diligent as possible so that you have the keys to your room and what you want on time.

In the bar you will also find an excellent atmosphere, good music suitable for conversation and dancing without feeling overwhelmed. So, if you are looking for a place to rest and enjoy with your family, this is the right place to spend those days that you long for in the company of your most precious beings.

4.5 out of 5 points, this is how the opinion and critics of tourists have given themselves the opportunity to visit Cameo Island. Beautiful vegetation, turquoise water, sloping hills and a beautiful suspension bridge that will allow you to enjoy the view, all these elements come together to offer you one of the best places to vacation in Zakynthos.

The beautiful landscape of Cameo Island is used by tourists who, for a small fee, access this place to enjoy the beach. Swimming here will be an extraordinary experience and then you can go up to the long suspension bridge to walk while enjoying the beautiful view.

Taking a photo here will be one of the options that the place allows you, they will also give you a souvenir keychain to take with you wherever you go.

Some people suggest that Cameo Island is not getting the most out of it, pointing out that people are crowded into chairs and that there are no suitable spaces for true enjoyment in the place.

Here there is a raft where you can ride and enjoy sea turtles while you advance through the landscape.

This island is small, so don’t be influenced by photos. Another suggestion is that there are no bars or places to buy drinks and cocktails on the site, so you will have to bring what you want to drink.

Agio de Nikolaos Church is located on the edge of Beach ST. Nicolas Beach, this is where the name of this place derives from. Enjoy a day in the hammock for an affordable price, if you are a lover of water sports you can practice parasailing and more.

Tourists who have visited this place value it at 4.6 out of 5 points, taking it for granted that it is one of the best options to visit during your visit to Zakynthos. The water and the sand are praised, in addition to the shallow depth ideal for sharing with the family and taking care of children and young people.

Sunbathe and rest in the hammock for a small fee, feel the pink breeze on your face and make you feel in paradise. You can also do it on the sun loungers with umbrellas for a small price.

Some people say that it is a nice place but the offer for water sports is very noisy. They also point out that if you are looking for a place to have a good time in a party atmosphere, this is the perfect place.

People emphasize that water sports have invaded the place, taking away the tranquility of this beach.

The services you want can be found here. There are also many nearby hotel offers for you to choose the best one, as well as the best cocktails. Good music to dance and enjoy the good atmosphere.

«Wonderful» is how this place is defined, a word that makes this emblematic tourist site stand out very well, in addition to the 4.6 points out of 5 with which it has been qualified, that is, one of your best options to visit during your visit to Zakynthos .

Around the National Marine Park of Sante there is a strong warning call from tourists who visit it. The call is to be careful because the turtles lay their bones in the sand and these are protected by tree trunks.

They urge visitors not to sit on the branches and even less to play with a ball here, this practice is done frequently and puts the life and existence of this species in the place at risk.

This beach is also known by the name of Cristal, the reason is easy to understand because the quartz embedded in the rocks reflect the sunlight. The depth of the water is shallow and ideal for children.

The natural environment is somewhat affected by tourists, this is another alert that exists to keep the place preserved. The beach is perfect for relaxing, there are hammock and umbrella rentals for sunbathing while enjoying a cocktail.

Party days at Puré Beach Club for the most extroverted and relaxed days for those looking for a relaxed day in which they just listen to music and enjoy a good drink. No matter the time of year, the atmosphere here will always be on for you.


Around and inside the pool the rumba lights up, a large number of people gather there to dance, enjoy, play and enjoy the best cocktails, piña coladas and drinks that are offered here.


Here very often theme parties are organized that make more than one dance. Reserve your table and a bottle of champagne so you can enjoy this incredible atmosphere at Puré Beach Club. The DJs have the best up-to-date musical selection for you and make you shiver.


The drinks here are acquired through the purchase of tokens, in some cases there are two tokens for each drink you order. Alicia is an employee who is part of the work team at this place and has been recognized for her work.

If yours is a lounger or bed, here you can buy a VIP to enjoy in a comfort zone ideal for you. Zafiro is another of the waitresses who receives praise, enjoy an environment full of screens and lights to offer you the best place.

Can you imagine sitting at a table while enjoying a good glass of wine with a panoramic view of the sea? Stop thinking about it because at Cebu Zakynthos Club & Restaurant it will be possible. Connect with this wonderful atmosphere full of charm and good energy.


According to the impression of one of the users of this place, he highlights that he recently visited this place and loved it because, in addition to enjoying the sun, he was able to taste a good plate of food accompanied by an exquisite glass of wine. In addition to this, he also recommends it to visit with the family regardless of age.

The attention of the staff receives good reviews, they point out that they are very diligent, they do their best to deliver the order in a short time and satisfy the customer’s demand, thus cultivating excellent references.

The entrance to the place has an economic value, this includes a drink that you can enjoy because it is made to suit you. Excellent participation of the DJ, ample space to dance and enjoy.

Good decoration and lights inside the place, which has aroused good reviews from the attendees. The impression of this place is that it is a nightclub but it is surprising when you enter as it is a restaurant where you can also dance and have some drinks.


This Greek island has the fusion of many environments that will allow you to find everything in one place. Ideal restaurants to taste the best gastronomy of the island with ingredients and elements that will captivate your palate.

The beaches are bordered by hills and mountains with quartz that generate a visual spectacle. The level of some beaches is very low, which makes this site ideal for children who want to enjoy themselves.

Places to rest and well-planned hotels that will offer you the best experience during your visit to this beautiful island.