Thank you for being here and now I want to share with you my great experience in the United Arab Emirates and all the good things that this trip brought me.   I was shocked when I got off the plane and still without leaving the airport or walking the first 100 meters in the United Arab Emirates, I could see the buildings, recognized worldwide for being the tallest in the world.

  828 meters measures the tallest building in the world, they also have the highest viewpoint, restaurant and nightclub in the world. A great achievement for the development of this nation. I loved being here because I was able to appreciate the multimillionaires in state-of-the-art trucks, the most amazing thing was not the vehicles, but the cats they kept as pets, the power of money is incredible. But I admit it, it was attractive to see this kind of thing here.  I felt on top of the world, one more step and I feel next to God, it is fascinating how problems disappear and you can see the good quality of life in front of you.

  Upon arrival I decided to visit the Zero Gravity, to spend a pleasant time, cool off a bit and get to know the area more and more, this site is one of the most awarded and commented on in Dubai, so why not stop by here for a while?

Located next to the exciting Skydive Dubai drop zone, Zero Gravity is a large and exclusive beach club and restaurant with exceptional standards and unparalleled plans… just by arriving I noticed a wide pristine beach, I was able to book a couple days with their nights as the Gravity attracts residents and visitors alike.

I was attracted by the luxurious beds that are placed during the day to capture exceptional views of the sea, with just the right touch of privacy, and the best of services, tapas and cocktails at all times and of first quality made my visit an impeccable experience.

  The ultra-modern restaurant has two levels and several terraces that serve as a setting for day and night. From an idyllic weekend breakfast before the masses wake up, to a casual lunch on the sun lounger, or an elegant dinner, dining at Zero Gravity this couple of days was tasteful and specially designed to keep me relaxed in every way. .

  And when the sun goes down, the nocturnal element of this vibrant place really comes into play. The music moves from the background to the foreground as night falls, when local and international DJs play until the early hours.

  Sirenas Ladies Night, this was one of the nights that I could live in Zero Gravity when I stayed there for a couple of nights. I was able to enjoy unlimited food and drink service from 8:00 at night until 12:00 in the morning.

  Another of the attractions offered by this tempting offer was to take off our heels to feel comfortable with ourselves and go down to the beach to enjoy it to the fullest.

  Similarly, the seats for the pool were also unlimited in that time frame, so I was able to take full advantage of the great promotion.

  To others it may seem impressive, but there are many events that are held here to bring together the best of the United Arab Emirates in one place and offer you the best in entertainment.

Who does not want to stay in this beautiful hotel, so let’s not say more, I took advantage of my stay in Dubai to throw the house out the window and fulfill my dream and everyone’s dream of staying at the Burj Al Arab. It was fascinating to be more than 300 meters high, this place allowed me to contemplate the life that we all deserve, a total luxury.

  This beautiful luxury hotel, located in one of the most iconic buildings in the world due to its impressive sail-shaped construction on an island, turns out to be the most luxurious hotel in the world, it has 24-carat gold Ipads, a heliport, nine restaurants and entertainment venues, and a luxury leisure facility, The Terrace, is the jewel in Dubai’s crown. Burj Al Arab sits on its own man-made island 280 meters off the Jumeirah shoreline. Visible from almost anywhere in the city, it is the icon of Dubai.

  I stayed in one of the most luxurious rooms on one of the highest levels, it was 780 meters, one of the largest in the hotel. The suites are opulent with bay windows overlooking the gulf. On top of that I was amazed at the Egyptian bedding, designer toiletries, and their whirlpool tub was fantastic.

  Being here I couldn’t let this great opportunity pass me by and I knew how to take advantage of it, I had butler service, a snooker table, a library, a cinema and a private elevator, the best thing was that I could control everything from my own 24-karat gold iPad.

  From the moment I entered the hotel, everyone was very kind, the butler named Yamal, who was in charge of my service and made sure that everything was in order at all times, was very kind to me and explained a little about the hotel and its facilities. services. Buffet breakfast and water park passes are free. Services include 9 restaurants and bars, 4 swimming pools and a private beach. I was able to enjoy everything thanks to Yamal who guided me daily to a new distraction within the hotel.

  The food was exquisite, I ate a couple of lobsters with a good bottle of wine and then jumped into the pool while I tasted some good grapes. The attention was first class, they treated me like a queen and really, the value of the service is worth it. Atmosphere of relaxation and pleasure is what you breathe in this seven-star hotel, unique in the world and how can you not breathe in such a place.

  And since I was on a roll and I wanted to take advantage of all my time and all the wonders of Dubai, I took advantage of the fact that in the Burj Al Arab, they offered this type of Helicopter tour services throughout the city, and I didn’t think about it anymore I booked this ride for the next few days.

  Flying over Dubai was the greatest experience I have been able to live in my travels, you have no idea what it feels like to be practically on top of so many buildings, the tallest in the world.

  A walk that lasted about 22 minutes, but it was enough to make me fall in love with this place, we flew over Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Palmera Jumeirah, among other iconic and representative sites of this country.

  It is impressive to see the power and evolution that is felt here in this beautiful land that makes you feel the owner of the universe.

  While I was in the helicopter I felt how the cold breeze embraced me, I felt the presence of my beloved and I knew that he was with me enjoying this moment, as much as I was. Another aspect that I can highlight about this tour is that I was assigned to a guide who speaks English and made it easier for me to understand each place.

In the following days I did not want to leave the Burj Al Arab, but half of my stay in Dubai was almost approaching and I had to make the most of my time in this place, so I decided to go out and explore the city a bit, it caught my attention this couple of places.

  This is the largest park in the world. I must tell you that I could not enjoy the 79 slides that the park offers, but I did ride 50 of them. One was more captivating than the other and my adrenaline went up every moment.

  After rolling and rolling on these slides I enjoyed the animals that they have here for the enjoyment of visitors, I shared with sea lions, sharks and rays, having them so close is something indescribable.

Near the end of my visit, I went to the 500 meters of private beach that the place has and I immersed myself in the rich waters of the Dubai coast, I would repeat this a thousand times more.

Another of the experiences that I lived here was with the dolphins, I was able to interact with them, feel how they kissed me, how they hugged me, their intellectual capacity is surprising.

  Five circular fountains intertwined with each other and an impressive play of lights, is the spectacle that this imposing place offers. I was stunned by the movement of the water, everything perfectly synchronized and even the lights combine with each other to offer a unique and unrepeatable show.

  I couldn’t stop taking pictures of myself, plus I loved feeling how the drops of water fell on my face, I felt super happy at this moment.

  There were many people between locals and tourists enjoying this impressive moment that left more than one with their mouths open.

  Here I met Luis, a Latino who was visiting the country and we mutually helped each other take photos and thus capture the best moment so that it would remain in history.

One of the best ways I managed to continue enjoying all the benefits that Dubai offered me and to be able to give joy to my body, as the song says, was to go out and dance a little, so I decided to visit some places to dance all night and live the complete experience in this destination

  My adrenaline went to a thousand in this night spot, I danced too much and I also had many drinks specially prepared for me. I felt the owner of the moon and the stars, so owner that I caught the attention of those present.

  A gentleman approached me and presented me with a bottle, I thanked him for the gesture and we sat down to enjoy it for a moment, we chatted, we met, we exchanged phone numbers and we went back to the dance floor.

  Surprisingly well this man dances, I couldn’t and didn’t want to stop dancing with him because we were having an amazing time and I loved his movements.   A woman who was alone in the place joined us and the three of us danced at the same time, we were very synchronized, but also happy for what was happening.

  The drinks that they prepare here are incomparable. Every minute I tried a different one which made my alcohol rise immediately, but I liked it because I enjoyed the night to the fullest.

  I love to dance and if it is with good company better. Resolved that in the middle of the dance a young man of about 26 years old bumped into me, his name is Ramiro and after bumping into me on the way to the bathroom, he apologized on his way back, shook my hand and introduced himself, his name is Ramiro and in addition to apologizing, he asked me to grant him the honor of dancing with him.

  That’s how it happened, what hip movement this man has, he moves too well and he knew how to guide me throughout the dance without stepping on me.

  Eating is something that I love, at Ghota Club Dubai I was able to taste different dishes that delighted my palate. From a rich salad to a plate of caviar. 

  The best company for each meal was a good glass of wine, this really can never be missing on any of my trips.

After eating and smoking a cigarette, I danced, without as much scandal as in other places but I did it, I enjoyed every movement, every step, every turn and the best thing was that I was alone.

  Sometimes it is good to feel that you enjoy being alone, you will not always have someone by your side to keep you company, during each trip I always learn something new and on this I have learned and gained courage.

  If you really want to feel in paradise and that you are in control of everything, you should visit the United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai, because you are going to live an unforgettable and unrepeatable experience. You will feel each building in your veins, you will live every second that your eyes appreciate them and you will remember them forever. A lifestyle different from the one lived in other countries, here they have everything to be happy and of course, who would not be happy in this way.