Mes: julio 2022


It is possible that some people only know about Bali its beaches and beautiful rice fields, but in reality there is more to see in this paradisiacal place surrounded by a vibe that makes it special. Here you can practice extreme sports but also do the opposite, that is, practice yoga. Let yourself be captivated …

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The main attraction of Zakynthos in Greece is that tourists will have the opportunity to appreciate the endangered cart sea turtles up close, according to alarming reports 1 in every thousand hatchlings reaches adulthood. Another reason that threatens the survival of this species is that the lights of the bar located on the nearby beach …

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Many will wonder why I should travel to Majorca? The answer is simple because on this island you will find a contrast between beaches, historical monuments, natural enclaves such as pine trees, olive trees and beautiful orchards. In addition to these there are museums, places of calm and you will need to have your five …

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