julio 2022


On a trip to Croatia it is difficult to choose which islands and which ones not. The truth is that in photos, they are all very beautiful. One of the obligatory stops is the Little Town of Bol on the Island of Brač . Brač Island turns out to be quite attractive for adult visitors […]

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The fame of this site lies in the exuberance of its sandy beaches, its Greek and Roman historical monuments. Located in a green area in the northeast of the island, in the surroundings of a bay. Here there is also a port and you can admire the ruins of the old city and the castle.

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At the top of a hill is Mellieha, this place has the power to steal your attention and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the best landscapes that are bathed in the force of the sea and caressed by the gentle breeze. In addition to the beauty of this place, you will also get to

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Travelers are always in search of good weather, if there is no sun there will be no fun, so Barbados throughout the year has the perfect setting to have an incredible time and do not look for excuses to leave. Another of the most outstanding aspects of Barbados is that it is located outside the

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Interesting, this is the history of Jamaica because it is described as having a past among corsairs and pirates, without a doubt a story worth listening to and sharing. Place of blessed gold, this is the translation of Jamaica, this is reflected in the richness of its landscapes and culture. The cradle of reggae, this

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It is a beautiful city and there are few like this. Beyond the beach and the sun, Marbella has many surprises to offer its visitors that will make them wish never to leave and remain trapped in the charm of this paradisiacal place. One of the most visited and preserved points is the historic center

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It is possible that some people only know about Bali its beaches and beautiful rice fields, but in reality there is more to see in this paradisiacal place surrounded by a vibe that makes it special. Here you can practice extreme sports but also do the opposite, that is, practice yoga. Let yourself be captivated

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The main attraction of Zakynthos in Greece is that tourists will have the opportunity to appreciate the endangered cart sea turtles up close, according to alarming reports 1 in every thousand hatchlings reaches adulthood. Another reason that threatens the survival of this species is that the lights of the bar located on the nearby beach



Fuerteventura today is still an unknown paradise, but gradually over the years it is gaining strength and capturing the attention of more and more visitors who fall in love with this place. People who have visited Fuerteventura say they are in love with its warm climate, ideal for visiting at any time of the year.



Many will wonder why I should travel to Majorca? The answer is simple because on this island you will find a contrast between beaches, historical monuments, natural enclaves such as pine trees, olive trees and beautiful orchards. In addition to these there are museums, places of calm and you will need to have your five

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